Monday, September 20, 2010


I FINALLY got a job and its FULL TIME! THANK FUCKING GOD! Its pretty fun and its really easy, all i do is clean up after concerts and do set up before. I get to meet all the musicians and I'll get to meet Zakk Wylde in like 3 weeks, FUCK YES. Plus i'll get plenty of overtime and i get health and dental, life has just become AWESOME.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


soooo i completely forgot about this site i used to make money off of and buy cool shit, all you gotta do is make an account, do some survey's and you earn points, every point is a cent and most surveys will give you about 30 cents, its not bad and if you've got some free time you can just do these surveys and get quite a bit of money together. I dont even pay for my xbox live subscription anymore, i just do use this site and redeem my points for a longer subscription. The best part, NO SPAM. once you earn enough points you dont even have to do surveys anymore, you can just wager your points in games to earn more. Anyone who reads this, do yourself a HUGE favor and join this site.